Happy-hour straws Unhappy planet

Your happy hour may be costing the planet a not so happy 1000 years.

Monopoly of straws

Straws were originally made from... You guessed it... Straw! Eventually it moved up to paper  and now a majority of places give you plastic straws you didn't even ask for. Luxury and abundance shouldn’t mean wasteful and ignorant. A majority of businesses recycle nothing more than cardboard and glass leaving plastic to be mismanaged into landfills. Truth is plastic straws don't get that far and are in the top 10 items that litter our city next to packaging, bottles, bags, and cigarette butts, which are all derived from petroleum.

What's the problem with plastic?

  1. Straws are a beverage product and they cannot be recycled at all!

  2. They leach toxic chemicals which are hormone disruptors.

  3. Studies show microplastics have contaminated most of our food & water supply and have negative health impacts on animals (youandme!). As a petroleum product derived from fossil fuels it’s leaving habitats and ecosystems damaged

You matter! - Happy hour consists of 1 straw for water, 2 per cocktail, add in evening and morning drinks and the numbers reach double digits quickly. Being proactive can mean bringing your own straw (risk looking like a treehugger), speaking up to say “no straw please” or taking it further and telling the businesses you support to carry alternative options

Conclusion- We live in a wealthy part of the world, we have the time to remember our own straw, money to buy a reusable straw and voice to speak up and say no thanks! All are resources to be an example of greater good because we can, not because we have to. As proactive, loving people, it's more about coming together and less about making more laws or rules. This can be a conscious uplifting moment for each of us.

What’s the solution?

Refuse plastic       Request alternatives

Replace with paper, silicon, steel, or corn based straws