Little Bites

If we look at facts, or numbers we can see how big of a problem there is on this planet. We are consuming products that hurt the planet, our fast paced lifestyle is hurting large mammals and small bugs. There are so many topics and subjects that need our attention and help. From the coral reef, and rainforests to the very eco system in our backyard. Demand breeds supply and When we demand cheap easy products, companies (groups of people) cut corners in labor, material harvesting to stay in "business"



We are tied to the strings of doubt, failure, mortality.

But god is granting us the chance to experience what it's like to have a team of motivated people who want to better this world. Many have gone down in history for building great things and It's our turn to have our time experiencing what it feels like to be in a group and move powerfully in the right direction.

There are many things we cannot change overnight. 

But we can inspire and remind the people in our community of all the amazing things we can do.

We can be the spirit of the community that bridges the mind of information with the body of action.


We are of the information age, and near past it..

We have the ability to know many great things. Great things like what we do has an impact, and that every act can be measured.The smallest things can lead to the largest outcome.

We are 1: Smart.

We are smart in knowing that the world needs true leaders. We as neighbors need each other. Beauty comes in change. Beauty comes in doing the right thing We are smart in that we don’t have to see the trash to know the impact on the ocean, land, and air.

We are 2:Passionate.

We are passionate about the impact on the planet, and how small things like straws, plastic bags, and the things we buy on a daily basis, create our future tomorrow. We have experience in sharing our passion and seeing the positive effect we can have on the people around us.

We are 3: Committed.

We are committed in educating, acting and inspiring those around us to care and change for the better. More than knowing, we have a conviction to use our actions and our choices to support companies that love this planet as much as we do.


We have the mind to know that we can do better.

Let us share the spirit of love so that our body can be strong in action.



Olivia English